Sevalaya runs the Swami Vivekananda Boys’ Home and Mother Teresa Girls’ Home for orphans, poor and destitute children. At present these homes shelter about 150 children. These homes provide food, shelter, education, opportunities for skill development and talent promotion in an atmosphere of love and care.

The children are provided support and are taken care of until they become independent and can be self-reliant. Many of the children from the Children’s Home are now well settled in life, pursuing careers in diverse fields such as qualified mechanics, artisans, bank officers, nurses, software professionals, etc. In fact, none of the alumnus of Sevalaya Children’s Home is unemployed!

A Social Audit of the medical records initiated by us proved that Sevalaya is doing exceptional work in ensuring the good health of the Children’s Home residents. In addition, there are excellent playing facilities for the children. This again abides by Swami Vivekananda’s dictum that a good game of football can do as much to the awakening of the spirit as reading of the Gita.

The residents of the Children’s Home are instilled with a sense of social responsibility by interacting with the residents of the Old Age Home, get to understand their responsibility towards sustainable environment by learning organic farming and other eco-friendly initiatives. All these together make them confident, self-proficient citizens of the future.

Our aim is to make the children self-reliant, and wesupport them till they are on their own. We support their higher studies in ITI/Jr. College, etc till they find suitable employment. We constantly identify special talents (e.g., music, arts) in our children and encourage them in developing their talents.


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Old Age Home was inaugurated on February 2, 2002. It is a home for the destitute and poor senior citizens with a difference in which the residents are not a self-pitying and a depressed lot. For they participate, in whatever little way they can, in the activities of this self reliant community. We have a home that is designed to accommodate 60 senior citizens. The building and the infra structure are financed by the People of Japan through the Consul General of Japan at Chennai for which we are very grateful.

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A new concept of an integrated campus has been implemented at our grounds in Kasuva under which 25 destitute children and 25 destitute senior citizens are housed in the same building. This provides an opportunity of bonding among them and spreads smiles in the Campus.


With Gandhiji, Bharathiyar and Swami Vivekananda as our inspiration, respect for all religions is our creed. Our objective is that while all the children should follow the faith in which they are born, they should learn the essence of all religions. They are regularly taken to places of worship of different religions and they also celebrate festivals of all religions. Their daily prayer includes hymns and recitations from different religions. Our aim is to foster faith in God and not propagate religions.




Sevalaya invites experts from various professions and walks of life to enlighten our students, particularly those in higher classes ,about the various opportunities available and the courses they need to pursue. This serves as a great learning opportunity for them and leads them to recognize what they are really passionate about and what they should pursue as their careers.


Mahatma Gandhi Free Medical Centre provides health-care for the children and staff at the Children’s and Old Age Home. A full-time Nurse practitioner and a visiting doctor manage the center which is also open for all the people from neighbouring villages and provides medical facilities free-of-cost. Periodic health camps are conducted by this center with a team of specialists visiting and conducting check-ups. Follow-up action is taken by the nurse practitioner.We have an average of 150 patients visiting the centre each week. The centre also administers/distributes medicines. During the current year, we plan to introduce the system of Indigenous Medicines in accordance with Gandhian Ideals and grow medicinal plants on our Farm.


Before the advent of Sevalaya the only employment known to people in the villages nearby was labour in farm and Brick-kilns. With the services available at Sevalaya, hundreds of village youth have been decently employed by Sevalaya in its various activities, and we have managed to provide 100 jobs so far.


If you want to throw your junk, please throw at us!

Please register with paperman, they will come and collect your junk, recycle it, and pay the collection amount to Sevalaya as donation. Your junk is cleared, you have contributed to the environment and you have helped underprivileged children's education - three in one project!

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Bhuvana Murali's Radio talk on "Experience in running a free old age home and problems of elderly women" on 3rd Jan 2015 & 10 Jan 2015, at 1:05 PM on Chennai "A" station, All India Radio, 416.7 Mts, 720 KHz, AM / MW. Please tune in.

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